A bit about the other four Tim Reynolds books...

the cynglish beat:  Cynglish: Function: noun

1: contraction of "cynical English"

a particular variety if English distinguished by use in highly cynical compositions, performances, and conversations.

"Old age hasn't sneaked up or creeped up

or sauntered up behind me;

      It's been sitting here beside beside me on this old comfy couch,

Reclining back, eating my peppy pizza, drinking my cerebral-cell-killing bevvy's

      And laughing at old sitcoms."

                                                         from "Me, Myself & Age" by Tim Reynolds


The Broken Shield
Stand Up & Succeed


Stand Up & Succeed: These words of advice, though spoken to a room of young comics, might just as easily have been spoken to the graduating class of Harvard Law school, to a National Olympic Team before the Opening Ceremonies or at an intervention for a loved one with a serious drug problem.

These words, which have been passed down through generations of stand-up comics, are just as relevant to the rest of the population, and Stand Up & Succeed lays it all out shows that we all tread the same path when we strive to succeed.

"...Stand Up & Succeed is terrific." Actor, comedian, writer, Tim Conway.

Even though Waking Anastasia came out in 2016, I haven't been sitting idly in my office awaiting Hollywood's call. Since then I have completed a literary psychological thriller set in Calgary, the first in a series of not-so-cozy mystery novels set in Seattle, and a sci-fi thriller set on an Earth colony in the distant future.

The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly was launched in Calgary on April 30th, 2019 and reached Number 5 on the Calgary Bestsellers List.

All of the others are now sitting with my wonderful agent, Naomi Davis of BookEnds Literary Agency, but I'm not sitting still waiting for Naomi to do all the work. The newest project is a romantic comedy set back in my old haunt, Toronto, and it's going to take some deep delving into my own past. 

The books of Tim Reynolds
The Death of God


The Death of God and other stories: Steam-driven dragons, undersea colonies, adolescent serial killers, a reality show for cheating spouses, and teaching a love song to Death... it's all here in The Death of God and other stories, the first and only collection of short stories from novelist Timothy Reynolds.

Included are all of his published favourites, plus ten previously unreleased tales and an excerpt from his urban fantasy thriller, The Broken Shield.

Thrills, chills, chuckles, and a busload of demons.

The Broken Shield: Liam hasn't seen his widow, Becca, in nearly four hundred years and suddenly there is, riding past the commuter train he's stuck on with a pixie princess.

In the battle between Light and Dark, Liam is a Shield, a protector of the Balance, and he's been running from Dark Hunters for over two thousand years. He's not immortal in the usual sense of the word, but he's been reincarnated so many times that his body and mind are slowly breaking down, which is the perfect time for Becca, Dark forces and an elven bounty hunter to arrive in town.

Liam's not the only one in trouble, though, because all over the world Shields are dying, the Balance is shifting in Lucifer's favour and it's all because of the smartphone app from Hell.

Liam is the Broken Shield.