Waking Anastasia by Written and Narrated by Timothy Reynolds

Waking Anastasia: Why should being murdered keep a girl from living it up a little?

When Jerry Powell inherits a torn, bloodstained book of poetry he has no idea that it contains the soul of Anastasia Romanova; but when he accidentally awakens her ghost, he discovers that death hasn’t dulled her sense of mischief and joy for life.

Between driving across the continent to start a new job in a new city, fending off a shady Russian antiquities collector, and ignoring his worsening migraines, Jerry doesn’t have time to cope with his undead royal houseguest.

Unfortunately for him, time isn’t on Jerry’s side.

The Podthology: The Pod Complex: Dragged from the dark recesses of fourteen imaginations and into the light cast by podcasting, The Pod Complex brings together sixteen dark, light and twisted tales from the podosphere and then five more about podcasting itself. Inside Dragon Moon's first Podthology can be found demons, angels, pirates, ghosts, ghouls, the past, the future, and one slightly confused Vietnam veteran. Join writers Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, Mike Bennett, Emerian Rich and the others as they chill your spine, raise your hackles, tickle your funny bone and maybe even make you ponder your own special place in the Podosphere. Including stories by: Phil Rossi Marie Bilodeau J. Daniel Sawyer Jack Mangan Scott Sigler Jared Axelrod Mike Bennett Justin R. Macumber Emerian Rich Tee Morris E. A. Zefram Timothy G.M. Reynolds J.D. Williams Jennifer Rahn Alexander T. Crisp

The AUDIO book: written & Narrated by Timothy Reynolds

The Death of God & Other Stories: Steam-driven dragons, undersea colonies, adolescent serial killers, a reality show for cheating spouses, and teaching a love song to Death... it's all here in The Death of God and other stories, the first and only collection of short stories from novelist Timothy Reynolds.

Included are all of his published favourites, plus ten previously unreleased tales and an excerpt from his urban fantasy thriller, The Broken Shield.

Stand Up & Succeed by Timothy Reynolds


The Podthology. Edited by Timothy Reynolds.

Stand Up & Succeed: These words of advice, though spoken to a room of young comics, might just as easily have been spoken to the graduating class of Harvard Law school, to a National Olympic Team before the Opening Ceremonies, or at an intervention for a loved one with a serious drug problem.

These words, which have been passed down through generations of stand-up comics, are just as relevant to the rest of the population, and Stand Up & Succeed lays it all out and shows that we all tread the same path when we strive to succeed.

"...Stand Up & Succeed is terrific." Actor, comedian, writer, Tim Conway.

The Broken Shield by Timothy Reynolds
Waking Anastasia by Timothy Reynolds

The Broken Shield: Liam hasn't seen his widow, Becca, in nearly four hundred years and suddenly there she is, riding past the commuter train he's stuck on with a pixie princess.

In the battle between Light and Dark, Liam is a Shield, a protector of the Balance, and he's been running from Dark Hunters for over two thousand years. He's not immortal in the usual sense of the word, but he's been reincarnated so many times that his body and mind are slowly breaking down, which is the perfect time for Becca, Dark forces and an elven bounty hunter to arrive in town.

Liam's not the only one in trouble, though, because all over the world Shields are dying, the Balance is shifting in Lucifer's favour and it's all because of the smartphone app from Hell.

Liam is the Broken Shield.

The books

the cynglish beat by Timothy Reynolds
The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly by Timothy Reynolds

Writer / Photographer / Designer

The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly: Framed for a murder they didn't commit, six young, rebellious fairies refuse to go quietly into exile and death and instead undertake an impossible quest to prove their innocence and save their families, before it’s too late. 

Ogres and gnomes and trolls, oh my. It's a story of family, friends, and being true to yourself when the rule-makers have other plans for you.

“The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly enthralls with its vivid characters and high-stakes quest. Friendship, loss and the Sisters' struggle for independence will draw you into the rich layers of the realm of Faerie.”
- Suzy Vadori, Award-Winning Author of The Fountain Series

The Death of God & Other Stories by Timothy Reynolds

the cynglish beat: Cynglish: Function: noun
1: contraction of "cynical English"
a particular variety if English distinguished by use in highly cynical compositions, performances, and conversations.

"Old age hasn't sneaked up or creeped up
or sauntered up behind me;
      It's been sitting here beside beside me on this old comfy couch,
Reclining back, eating my peppy pizza, drinking my cerebral-cell-killing bevvy's
      And laughing at old sitcoms."

from "Me, Myself & Age" by Tim Reynolds

"Kudos to Tim Reynolds for channeling Fifties Beatnik culture in his new volume, "The Cynglish Beat". If you like your poetry hip and bop and full of barbed wire, Reynolds is your man."

~Mark Breslin: Founder & CEO of Yuk Yuk's