Best-selling stories from urban fantasy to science fiction to paranormal historical romance, author Tim Reynolds loves to twist history and tell a good tale. He also writes under the pseudonyms of N. C. Northcott and Alexander Crisp.

A Spinner of Tales and Fabricator of Fictions, Tim Reynolds uses his novels, short stories, humour column, and artwork to interpret the world around him.

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Whether it's how to get tarantulas out of your tent, why not to eat thirty raw eggs for charity, or how dysfunctional his family is, humorist Tim Reynolds has been bringing the smiles and laughs to the pages of SEARCH Magazine since 2015.

Writer / Photographer / Designer

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Innovative, fun, exploratory... photographer Tim Reynolds' images have graced the pages of National Geographic Traveler, Condé Nast Traveler, Alive Magazine, and dozens of books, calendars, and postcards published around the world in over eight languages.

"Canada's Modern-Day Aesop" ~ CBC Radio

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