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The Death of God

The urban fantasy thriller about the battle between Light & Dark.

Second Edition now available.

The Broken Shield on Amazon

Reader Reviews: 

The Broken Shield:

* "An action-packed and engrossing read, with a very clever yet believable 'take' on the age-old theme of the struggle between the forces of Light and Dark."

~BS. On Amazon.ca


* "This is a ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat...How could you not love this new take on fantasy?"

~AG. On Amazon.ca

Waking Anastasia:

* "Wow!! Waking Anastasia is an amazing book. It grabbed my attention from the first sentence and I ended the story just as captivated. The writing is so good--descriptive, charming, intelligent, touching. The characters were developed, quirky, and real. This is not a bland, formulaic story. I loved it!! Looking forward to reading more from Timothy Reynolds. 

~Jennifer. On Amazon.ca


*"Have you ever wondered how a Romanov Russian Princess would react to Netflix?
Author Timothy Reynolds has come up with a surprisingly believable fantasy novel that gives the murdered daughter of Russia's last Tsar the chance to experience all the wonders of the internet and more. Waking Anastasia was one of the most engaging novels I've read this year (and trust me, I read a lot!). I loved that the action was equally balanced by character development. I was entertained, but also felt like I had been able to experience the characters growing and changing before my eyes. This is a well thought out and skillfully written book. I'd highly recommend it." 

~CW. On Amazon.ca

The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly debuts at #5 on the Calgary Bestsellers List!

Waking Anastasia

The Broken Shield

True Humour


Waking Anastasia on Amazon

Spinner of tales, Fabricator of Fictions.

The collection of

Tim Reynolds' short stories.

Search Magazine

SEARCH Magazine

Why should being murdered keep a girl from living it up a little?

Issue #108 of

On Spec Magazine: With Tim as the featured writer and including his short story "Tamarack & the Stone".

 The world is being shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic. May you all be safe.

The Death of God on Amazon

They're here!!

The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly!

When they are framed for murder and all of Faery turns against them, only six outcast, crippled young faeries can prove their own innocence and save their families.