The Broken Shield is "a refreshing and entrancing read"

"Was really delighted with this book! It is an action-packed and engrossing read, with a very clever yet believable 'take' on the age-old theme of the struggle between the forces of Light and Dark...."

~ AC of Michigan (see full 5 star review on

The Broken Shield is  "An excellent read"

"...It's a fast paced, action packed read that moves smoothly from multiple perspectives. I was so surprised and taken into the story that I plan on rereading it right away to soak up some more of it! Five stars!"

~ VCS of British Columbia (see full review on

The Broken Shield

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Liam hasn’t seen his widow, Becca, in nearly four hundred years and suddenly, there she is, riding her bike past the commuter train he’s stuck on with a pixie princess.

In the ongoing battle between Light and Dark, Liam is a Shield of Light, a protector of the Balance, and he has been running and hiding from Dark Hunters for over two thousand years. He’s not immortal in the usual sense of the word, but he’s been reincarnated so many times that his body and mind are slowly breaking down, which is the perfect time for Becca, Dark forces, and an elven bounty hunter to arrive in town.

​Liam’s not the only one in trouble though, because all over the world Shields are dying, the Balance is shifting in Lucifer’s favour, and it’s all because of the smartphone app from Hell.


Tim Reynolds...for Twisted History, Fictional Science,

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"Write the first draft with your heart and the second draft with your head."

~Sean Connery in 'Finding Forester'

Works in Progress?

~First draft done on a Young Adult adventure novel with faeries, trolls, and a couple of determined Scotsmen.

~Writing first draft of the story of a young woman trying to rebuild her life after a tragic accident.

~Outlining my historical triple-murder mystery set in Southern Ontario during prohibition.

My Novel, Waking Anastasia,

a somewhat romantic ghost Story. to Tyche Books for a Late 2016 Release.
Here is my own blog post on the topic:

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And now for the Lighter Side...

I am now contributing to SEARCH Magazine out of San Francisco. My pieces are humorous true-life tales and my latest one is about the time my college girlfriend broke up with the wrong guy at a Hallowe'en party.

Find the Mag here: Search Magazine


The First Short Story Collection from Timothy Reynolds in eBook and Print from

"Every story in this engaging collection by Tim Reynolds will charm and delight.  Reynolds has provided the reader with magic, outright laughter, and bittersweet moments interwoven with interesting characters and locations. From a bonsai-loving graduate student who makes an unusual friend to Death on a date, from Japan to the old family farm, each story provides a unique and quirky look at the everyday world.  
~Barbara Galler-Smith, Author and Editor

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