Why should being murdered keep a girl from living it up a little?

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The Death of God

Reader Reviews: 

The Broken Shield:

* "An action-packed and engrossing read, with a very clever yet believable 'take' on the age-old theme of the struggle between the forces of Light and Dark."

* "This is a ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat...How could you not love this new take on fantasy?"

Waking Anastasia:

* "Wow!! Waking Anastasia is an amazing book. It grabbed my attention from the first sentence and I ended the story just as captivated. The writing is so good--descriptive, charming, intelligent, touching. The characters were developed, quirky, and real. This is not a bland, formulaic story. I loved it!! Looking forward to reading more from Timothy Reynolds.

Waking Anastasia

The urban fantasy thriller about the battle between Light & Dark.

Second Edition now available.

The Broken Shield

The Broken Shield on Amazon

 It has been a quiet fall. I'm just working on my novel about a serial killer

​in modern-day Calgary.

SEARCH Magazine

Search Magazine

The collection of

Tim Reynolds' short stories.

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