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The Latest: Tesseracts 17
 from EDGE Publishing, containing my short story, 
"Why Pete?"
which won a quarterly  Honourable Mention in 

TESSERACTS  17 is the distinguished annual collection of Canadian Speculative writing. This year's theme is Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast. 
Tesseracts 17 Trailer.

Co-author Colleen Anderson's blog Q&A with me: Tim Reynolds Interview


a horror anthology from to raise money for disaster relief worldwide. This great project contains my short story Shut Up & Drive, about a bus driver who kills all his passengers, for the sake of all Mankind.
Available at for $10!

from Five Rivers Publishing containing my instructions on 
The Genius of Being 
Fashionably Evil. 


Available Now


Welcome to my on-line home. I'm Tim Reynolds One of them, at least. Yah, there are a sh*tload of us, including a famous musician, which isn't me, in spite of the guitars you see in some of my photos. To differentiate, I occasionally go by Timothy G.M. Reynolds  or Alex T. Crisp.
  I'm a writer of fiction and a photographer of all sorts of stuff, especially the foothills and
Rocky Mountains in the area around Calgary, Alberta, 
where I call home.
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