The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly enthralls with its vivid characters and high stakes quest. Friendship, loss and the Sisters' struggle for independence will draw you into the rich layers of the realm of Faerie.”

- Suzy Vadori, Award-Winning Author of The Fountain Series

The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly 

have escaped from Faerie

and are here in our world!

The Sisterhood Of The Black Dragonfly - Map

Framed for a murder they didn't commit, six young, rebellious fairies refuse to go quietly into exile and death and instead undertake an impossible quest to prove their innocence and save their families, before it’s too late. 

Ogres and gnomes and trolls, oh my. The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly

is a story of family, friends, and being true to yourself when the rule-makers have other plans for you.

Some of the photos from the launch party for "The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly" at Owl's Nest Books in Calgary, Alberta."


The Land of Faerie from the novel The Sisterhood of the Black Dragonfly